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KEE Philosophy



kee zh 


Brand Mission

To lead the China zippers industry

Three Bases
Brand Basis, Technical Basis and System Management Basis

Five Competitive Advantages

  1. Vertical integration of production processes for zippers except for electroplating;
  2. Ability to develop our custom-made production machinery and mould;
  3. Good corporate and brand reputation;
  4. Good ERP (SAP management system);
  5. Ability to maintain a close working relationship with apparel brand owners.

Environmental Responsibility

The pursuit of business objectives is not in contradiction with the pursuit of environmental protection for a responsible enterprise. Like most responsible enterprises, KEE not only provides customers with excellent products and services, but also makes every effort to make this world more beautiful.

KEE is always committed to sustainable development, which means that we will take into account the balance among economic, social and environmental influence, and strike a balance between the short-term and long-term needs for everything we do, and all our plans will be based on this. Our shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and social members must assume responsibility in these aspects.